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Saturday, 23 February 2013


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Surely it's a fantabulous mother than makes not 1 but 2 Diesel 10 cakes.

Well done our Jo xx


Fantastic cakes!! We love day of the diesels too (my hubby does a mean impression of Diesel 10 which I find strangely arousing but I feel that may be too much information) and now have blue mountain mystery, a christmas gift, I highly recommend it as an alternative!! Happy Birthday Rowan xx


Aww, Happy Birthday to your little one. I can't believe your opening story to this blog post about the missing guaze!! OMG!

Anyway! Fabulous cake(s) and really, the only person who will notice any 'inequalities' is you, mothers guilt and all that! He gets the best of both worlds really as like you say he has ALL of his big brothers toys that become 'his'! So really he gets twice as much.... ;)

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