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Sunday, 22 July 2012


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Alexandra, Simon, Elizabeth, Francesca. Nathaniel and Sebastian!! Worth a cheeky try I reckon (save me a few hours)!!

Beautiful tree x


I would love to be given a chance to enter this kind draw Joanna
What a beautiful piece of work, there would be just the four names!
This would mean so much to me, Heather x

Hannah Maskell

Oooo, this would be cool for my folks 40th wedding anniversary....only thing is they had 7 children....would that be too many names? x


Wow, this is gorgeous! Love it :)


This is beautiful - You've made me want to really try a "real" embroidery (I've only ever stitched the name panel on the back of my quilts). I also love the photography, it shows the colour and texture of the stitches so well! Love! <3


Just beautiful and such a clever idea x


This is so very lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us xxxxx


What a beautiful thing. Gorgeous! <3

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