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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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The cup one is best! You are lovely but I know what you mean about photos, my nose seems to grow enormous every time and I always look like I have more chins than I really have. Hey hoo etc xxx


I could post your photo from the wedding back in 1992 - that will sure make you feel good about how you look nowadays!


You are more than welcome, I meant what I said you're fabulous! Now.....when shall I book you in for that photo session for your Christmas blog...?x


Jo I think your photo on the feature looked lovely! Also, loving your taste in mugs – Paperchase is just all round ace isn't it?! Alice x


Same thing happens to me all the time !!! My photo for sew hip was taken by my nine yr old son and because I didn't expect it to be nice I was relaxed and look more like 'me' than in most!!

I think you look lovely.

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